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Founded in 2017, TestUrSelf began its journey in a hostel room at IISc Bangalore. Specializing in GATE and PSUs exam preparation, we’ve quickly made a mark as a pioneer in the field. Our mission is to make learning easy and effective. We’re proud to have become a trusted partner for thousands of engineering graduates, helping them excel in competitive exams and personality tests. Our brand stands for ‘Simplified Learning, Strong Results,’ and we’ve consistently produced top performers and a high number of rank holders in GATE and PSUs exams.
Since its establishment, TestUrSelf has established itself as a leading platform, offering top-notch video lectures, live classes, online test series, study materials, and solved papers from previous years.
Since the GATE 2019 exam, TestUrSelf has been producing All India Rank 1 (AIR-1) achievers.

Highest Number of Selections with Top Rankers (under 100):

TestUrSelf has upheld its unique status by consistently achieving the highest number of selections and producing the most top-ranked candidates in GATE and PSUs examinations.

  • Our students have been consistently achieving top ranks (within the top 100) since the GATE 2018 examination.

  • The results are a testament to our success: In the 2023 GATE exam, over 65 students in the top 100 ranks were all from TestUrSelf.
  • For the 2023 BARC exam, TestUrSelf had more than 7 students who secured their selection.

Our team consists of more than 10 professionals who are experts from prestigious institutions like IITs and IISc. They excel in diverse fields such as Metallurgical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Chemistry, and Pharmacy.


Our Team

The TestUrself concept and implementation was created by Samarjeet Kumar Singh, who achieved AIR-7 in Metallurgical Engineering in the GATE 2016 exam on his first try. He comes from a modest background, where obtaining an education is a dream for many, but he was able to clear IIT-JEE with limited resources. Unfortunately, due to a lack of desirable streams, he enrolled at IIIT-Allahabad, but due to personal issues and limited resources, he had to leave the institute before completing his studies. Subsequently, He completed his B.Tech in Metallurgical Engineering. His passion for the field led him to write a book dedicated to this subject, which was a turning point in his life. He was able to get the book published while pursuing his Master's degree at IISc Bangalore. In 2017, he established TestUrself, working from a small room. He single-handedly created all the study materials, test papers, and solutions, demonstrating his unwavering determination and dedication.

Rohit Jha
Rohit Jha
Core Team Member

Research Scholar (PMRF), Extractive Metallurgy Division, Dept. Metallurgical Engineering IIT (BHU), Varanasi

Our Well Wishers

A platform capable enough to bring out the best in an individual, by virtue of it's strict guideline alone the pattern of the examination. Rigorous test series and to the point approach catering well to the modern days' cut throat competition! Way to go, TestUrSelf!

Sameer Tiwari
Sameer Tiwari
Ravi Kumar Singh
Ravi Kumar Singh
Job at ExxonMobil | IISc | AIR-7

It is one of the best platform to get you pad up for GATE. This is designed in such a way that, individuals starts gaining confidence with each passing test. One can effectively learn how to effectively manage their test timings. I have been closely associated with this organisation for last 2 years. I have seen it growing and believe me its growth trajectory is exceptional. I will recommend undergraduates to take this test series and get benefited by it.