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TestUrSelf provides you the best Test environment with details analysis:
  • Streams:  MT, BT, XE, XL, CH, CY
  • Test interface same as the actual exam
  • In GATE 2024, Many Questions were there, which were directly from TestUrSelf Test Series.
  • Personalized Dashboard which gives you the Profile Summary, Progress status, Lists of Tests and much more.
  • Powerful Analytics and Test Report which shows you All India Rank, Marks Distribution, Subject-wise performance, and much more.
  • Facility of Ask an Ur doubts; where you can ask Ur doubts related to questions.
  • Step-by-step solution for students’ reference.
  • All India Rank.
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Frequently Asked Questions?

Can I download the test papers?

Test papers cannot be downloaded, but it is possible to refer the test papers/solutions whenever you like in between the Activation Period.

How will I get my doubts resolved?

There is a tab called "Report" on the above of all Questions. So you can ask Ur queries directly by clicking on that tab.

Will there be any fixed time schedule within which I have to take the exam?

There is no fixed time to appear for tests. Tests will be uploaded as per the given time table and tests will be available up to 1 day before GATE Exam. You can appear for the tests as per your convenience within this time period.

Will I get the solutions to the questions asked in the online test?

Yes, solutions along with the explanations will be available.

How do I get the analysis of my performance in an Online Test?

Test result/analysis will be displayed as soon you finish your test.

How to start online TEST?

Login with your username and password (Same with registered login credentials). On login you will be able to see all the available online tests. Click on the START Now button to start the test.

Is there any fee refund process?

No, the fee is non refundable.

Is it possible to refer the questions/solutions of test paper-1 which I had appeared 2 months back?

Questions along with the solutions will be available up to the last day of GATE EXAM. Whenever you want to refer, you can log in and refer the questions/solutions of the test which you had appeared.

How many times a candidate can appear for the particular test?

One test can be appeared only once.

What if I accidentally close the exam window?

Your test will be resumed and you can start from the point where you had stopped.

What is the last date to enroll for Online Test Series?

Students can enroll up to 1 day before GATE exam but enrolling before JULY is advisable.


You will get at least ONE demo test after registration.


Yes. You will get instant access after successful payment.


Not in any case! We have enabled following security features for our courses which can get you in legal and financial issues upon sharing course access / content: If you are wise, you won’t share it with anyone else, because in case your friend with whom you shared your login ID-password shared / spread some of the content publicly, it is you who will get into legal trouble. If you are doing it, your course can get blocked any time by our team. If you are doing it, we would highly recommend you to stop for your own benefit. Our Content Security Team is keeping a watch on number of logins and reading time for every account. If you have shared your access with others, this time will exceed by 2 – 3 times, may get your course disabled.