Why TestUrSelf ?

TestUrSelf boasts outstanding student performance, with the highest number of selections and top rankers.
TestUrSelf has consistently maintained its exceptional results by ensuring a high number of selections and producing top-performing students in GATE and PSU exams. In the GATE 2023 examination, TestUrSelf produced an AIR-1 ranker and a total of 65+ students ranked within the top 100.
The GATE 2023 results have been declared and TestUrSelf’s students performed exceptionally well. A total of 60+ students were ranked within the top 100, including the AIR 1 ranker.

This marks the 6th time that one of our students has achieved the AIR 1 rank.

Results Oriented 
In just 5.5 years, TestUrSelf has established itself as the preferred choice among aspiring GATE candidates. Its popularity continues to grow as more and more students achieve success in the GATE exam each year. The key factor behind this success is the high-quality content TestUrSelf offers, including video lectures, test series, practice questions and study materials, all designed to directly translate into exam scores.
  • TestUrSelf provides comprehensive coverage of the syllabus, with a strong emphasis on the fundamental concepts. The technical and non-technical aspects of the syllabus are thoroughly covered to ensure success in exams.
  • The progression from basic to advanced level makes it easy for even beginners to understand.
Focused and Comprehensive Contents
  • Efficient use of time through our “Learn on the go” study material, eliminating the need for additional resources.
  • Study material that is well-designed and easily understandable, featuring plenty of examples and online assignments.
  • Our contents are constantly updated to align with the changing trends of the examination, ensuring that they stay relevant and useful. This is done by our experienced team at TestUrSelf.
Professionally Managed and Structured Organization
  • A well-structured test schedule with precise adherence to the established timeline.
  • A dedicated and highly committed management team serving with full devotion.
Regular Assessment of Performance: Our Test Features
  • TestUrSelf offers a comprehensive suite of online test series for exams such as GATE, GPAT, and others.
  • Online Test Series with a similar interface as the actual GATE/GPAT/other exams, to provide an authentic and realistic testing experience.
  • Accurate and comprehensive solutions provided for each test, serving as a valuable learning tool for students.
  • The Ask an Expert feature allows students to ask questions and receive clarifications on any topics related to their studies.
Overall Analysis report: The report will have
  • Additionally, with each test taken, students receive their score and the number of questions attempted, allowing for a clear evaluation of their performance.
  • In addition, you can also see the time taken and rank secured in the test.
  • With TestUrSelf, students can track their performance and see the marks distribution for each question, including the number of positive, negative, and unattempted questions, as well as the time taken and their rank in the test. Additionally, they have access to the detailed solutions and the facility to ask experts for clarification on any questions.
  • This feature provides a visual representation of the time spent by a student on each question in the test, allowing them to track their pace and identify areas where they need to improve their time management skills.
Comparison Reports: Comparison reports clearly demonstrate 
  • Comparison of your performance with the toppers in that test.
  • Comparison of your performance with that of the topper.
  • Comparison of scores of the top three rank holders.
This allows you to test your understanding of the concept and improve upon it.
Previous Year Solved Papers
  • We offer previous year solved papers in both a readable format and a test mode, allowing you to practice and evaluate your understanding.