How to tackle pressure in the last 3 months before the GATE Exam?

Dear GATE aspirants,

Undergoing exam pressure is a very common situation, in fact, every other student goes through it.

Let us help you in beating pressure during the GATE Preparation.

But before that let’s discuss the reasons for this pressure

  • If the Time is Less and the Course is More then you might get under pressure
  • Peer performance pressure
  • Family expectations
  • No revision
  • Poor results
  • Fear of Failure

Now around 20 days of October are gone, then you still have 10 days of Oct + 30 days of Nov + 30 days of Dec + 30 days of Jan which means approx 50% of the total time.

Your rank depends on how effectively you utilize this left out time.

If you self study for 6 hrs/day then you have 600 hours with you. Now, why not give 4 hours/day for course completion and 2 hours/day for revision. In this way you can solve one of the major problems: “Less Time & Vast Syllabus”

Now the second problem is Peer performance pressure, but you must keep in mind every student has a different story and a different starting point.

So your only competition should be You.

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All the best for Ur preparation!

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Tips to Crack GATE 2020 Exam

Dear aspirants,

GATE 2020 Exam is a gateway to postgraduate admission in prestigious IIT’s/IISc & NIT’s and PSU jobs. The number of candidates may appear in GATE 2020 will be approximately 9 lakhs in 2020. Preparing for the GATE Exam requires a good strategy to crack the GATE Exam. The GATE Exam is a single paper online examination of three hours, with 65 questions carrying a total of 100 marks. The question paper will consist of both multiple-choice questions and numerical answer type questions.

Here are the steps of topper’s strategy which will help with your GATE preparation:

  • Know the Syllabus & Weightage of each subject
  • Select Good Books & Materials for GATE Preparation
  • Understand the previous year questions pattern
  • Practice previous year questions during preparation
  • Try to understand the concepts, practice tests and revise regularly.
  • Read topic by topic to complete the entire subject.
  • Make a revision note for each topic that should cover all important definition, formulas, differences, etc.
  • You can practice the mock tests in two ways. One is self-practice on a daily basis, and the other is attempting online mock tests. And for the same join TestUrSelf.
  • Practice more tests, identify the weaker topics in each test and revise them.

Enroll now for GATE 2020 Sectionwise  Study Notes & Online Test Series

  • Complete GATE packages for Metallurgical Engineering & Engineering Sciences
  • Mock Test Series for Metallurgy, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, & Engineering Sciences.
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All the best for Ur preparation!

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Tips to Study Complete Left out Syllabus

Dear Aspirants,

Getting Good AIR in GATE is not a difficult task. Many students get pretty good AIR…they are not extra-ordinary, they are normal people.

Want to know the reason why they succeed? It’s the Preparation Strategy they follow.

Forget about the months that have been passed, you still have time. Adopt that perfect technique & strategy and see yourself in Top 100 rankers.

We will tell you How. Firstly I would want to give you some suggestions you, that you must follow in whatever time is left.

  • Focus more on Practice than theory
  • Don’t over analyze
  • Revise only those concepts which are relevant
  • Faster Calculations
  • Less Dependency on Calculator
  • Don’t waste time
  • Give 100% each day
  • Improve Concentration & memory.
  • Take Online Test Series Seriously
  • Chalk out Ur Weakness areas and work on them asap.
  • Start Revisions asap.

Just collecting the study material will nowhere help you to get a good AIR, you really need to follow some strategy.

Now let us tell you – how to study the left out subjects for the exam?

  • Read a concept & take notes. If you face problems in making notes, then you can get our Study Materials of individual Section.

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  • After making notes, practice questions from the question bank.
  • Refer to any objective or previous year question bank.
  • Practice at least 25-30 questions per concept to learn methods & short-cuts.
  • Practice questions as a set with defined time & not individually.

Also, Do Not Forget to TestUrSelf.

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All the best for Ur preparation!

-TestUrSelf Team


How to manage Time for the preparation?

Time Management Tips For Students:
In today’s fast-paced society there are more distractions than there ever have been. A liberal free society gives us prosperity but along with that comes consumerism, media, and so many choices young minds are inundated with information, decisions and distractions by the bucket load. This has led to a generation of young people trying to learn more than any other generation ever has without any formal time management skills when they need them more than any other generation in history. So to help students who feel they are falling behind and struggling with life and study here are some time management tips for students.

Work/Life/Study Balance:– Managing your time is something everyone does automatically but usually it is subconscious as we rush from classes to work to parties and so on. While we are in a rush to experience everything life has to offer we trip ourselves up by planning it poorly. If you are serious about managing your time well you should allocate time to these parts of your life and adjust them as you see fit. When you need to study you should not be partying too much for instance which may seem like common sense but most people just try to estimate the time needed to get it all done. Instead, actually give yourself a certain amount of time for each part of your life adjusted for specific situations and if you go overtime in one make sure you make it up later. Write it down and adhere to it or you will destroy any real structure.

The Boring Stuff:- Life can never be eternally interesting and unfortunately there are a lot of unpleasant and boring tasks that must be done. Too many students put these things off until it is too late like assignments and end up doing poorly. While if you put things off you free up time NOW you force all of your boring bits into one massive session that will lead to more procrastination and lack of motivation. Try to do the unpleasant tasks first, and while everyone tells you to do this it never seems to end up working … so how can we help this?

Time Chunks:– Sitting and doing those boring assignments or projects early may seem daunting but it does not need to be so. By breaking down the large things you just do not want to do into smaller chunks you can complete smaller sections at a time making it seem like less of a task but there is another reason for this also. If you have a stack of smaller tasks you can allocate them in time “chunks” that have a definite start and end time giving you time to move on to other more pleasant tasks or at least alternate between different but equally boring tasks. Sometimes just getting a few boring things done early in a day then moving on to more interesting things can stop the endless pushing back of tasks and they will be done before you know it!

Rewards – All work and no play makes students very dull! Even if you are psyched to get motivated and have good time management do not forget to have fun and give yourself some small rewards for avoiding procrastination and getting things done. You will in fact with good time management skills you will end up with more free time than you have before and you could be stress-free come exam time too!

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All the best for Ur preparation!

-TestUrSelf Team

How to Study for GATE Exam?

First of all, we would want to tell you studying all day long is very unproductive  & it won’t help you in any way. The trick is to make the study time shorter but effective.

Here are some Tips to Study Effectively & Finish your Syllabus before time.

  • Study Smaller Portions at One Go: Study Smaller portions of Syllabus every day instead of taking on huge portions. If you will hurry up with the syllabus you will be able to retain a very little bit of it.


  • Focus on Core Material: Divide Study material into 2 categories – Core & Elaborative material. The core material consists of important principles, concepts, formulae, etc while the latter consists of the remaining portion of the syllabus which is less important. Also, observe the pattern of previous year papers and make sure you do not spend much time on topics that are unlikely to be asked in the exam. Subscribe TestUrSelf’s Study Materials. We have been launched Study Materials for each section (Metallurgical Engineering & Engineering Sciences).


  • Shift Between Subject Categories: Divide the subjects into 2 categories – Memory dependant subjects & Problem-solving subjects. For most effective studying alternate between each subject category.


  • Take Regular Breaks: If your mind doesn’t take a break, the next round of studying isn’t going to be effective. Also, if you use break time to discuss the syllabus with your friends then your mind is not on a break.


  • Understand & Write: Read important points aloud & then write them down. This makes sure you SEE the point, HEAR it & WRITE them too.


  • Take Notes: Do you make notes? No? Well, you should adapt to this habit of making notes now. Proper note-making is very important for effectively completing the subject.


  • Use Visual Cues for Learning Better: Write down important formulae & other important tit-bits on a sheet of paper and stick them on a wall so that it remains in front of your eyes for most of the time. This will help you learn better.


  • Don’t Study More than 2 hours at one go: The optimal period of continuous studying is 2 hours. Each period of 2 hours can be broken into 25 mins slots of solid studying followed by 5 mins break.


  • Revise within 24 Hours: You should not miss the 3 Rs – Recap, Review & Reinforce. Any new information you learn needs to Recapped, Reviewed & Reinforced within 24 hours in order to retain in your memory.


  • Join Online Test Series: Can understand Ur weakness and strength. And then you can work on the. The Test Series of sectionwise are live now so join asap and ace the GATE 2020 exam.


  • Sleep Well: Always remember it is the proper sleep that turns your short term memory into the long term. So take at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night.


TestUrSelf Free Open Tests are Live now so attempt them.

Wish you all best of luck for Ur preparation. Don’t take stress and do hard hard till the exam.

TestUrSelf Team




How to Secure AIR-1 in GATE (MT) Exam?

Dear aspirants,

Hope that your preparation is going good. Here we are going to put all possible points so that they can help you in preparation.

Every year, 3–4 thousands of engineering aspirants compete for GATE exam, therefore, it becomes very important for candidates to start their preparation early to stay ahead in the race.

Steps to Crack GATE Exam

  • Make a Study Schedule to Track Your GATE Preparation and stick to that till the exam.
  • Find Your Strengths and Weakness to Boost GATE Preparation and to know that join Online Test Series.
  • Use Top-notch Preparation Books & Study Material for GATE Preparation
  • Solve problems of each and every topic and don’t leave any topic.
  • At first focus on accuracy and later speed will automatically come and for the same, use VIRTUAL Calculator while solving problems (Download it on your cellphone).
  • Try not to mug up things, instead understand their origin.
  • Clarify Your Doubts and Don’t Forget to Revise.
  • Your schedule should be divided for 2 Important Things: Preparation & Revision.
    Now by Preparation, We mean any of the subjects that you are already preparing for or want to prepare for. Now when it comes to Revision, make sure you dedicate 3 hours/day for revision. If you are a college student or working professional then you can set a target of 21 hours/week so in that way, you can invest more time in revision during weekends.

    • And you should have short notes containing all the important concepts so that you can revise the entire topic or subject in a short span of time. Also, during this entire course of revision, keep on solving related problems.
  • The moment you make a mistake while solving any question, you should note it down somewhere. Because there is much high probability that you will make the same mistakes again and again. So before attempting any question or any test, you will be already aware of what types of mistakes you can commit.
  • Now out of these 3 hours for revision, don’t waste much time in Theory. You can just devote 1 hour to the theory part and rest 2 hours to Problem-solving part. And it is expected that you should be able to solve around 30-40 questions during these 2 hours.
  • Join Online Test Series and it’s very important because nowadays they (GATE Examiners) are asking very conceptual questions. Join TestUrSelf because we provide test papers at par GATE syllabus.( but don’t feel low if you will not get good rank in the tests because they are somewhat tougher than GATE Exam). We intentionally make some tough questions so that you can easily solve the questions in real GATE Exam.
  • Keep Exam stress Bay.

One last thing..don’t let negative thoughts come to inside you( stay away from negative people). Always say to Urself…I am going to make it…I am going to crack the exam.

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Best of Luck for your preparation and future well.

-TestUrSelf Team

How to Study Engineering Mathematics for GATE 2020 Exam Effectively

This Topic is very important for the GATE Exam. It covers around 13-15 Marks out of 100. You can easily score minimum 10 marks in this section if you can manage to prepare well.

The key to prepare for this subject is to make short notes which have only formulae/graphs/concepts of at most importance, especially note down the area which you find difficult to remember them and keep them handy with you or have short notes so that you can look up to a concept whenever you need it.

Which Book/Study Materials is the good for the GATE Exam?

You can follow Higher Engineering Mathematics by B. S. Grewal. If you are in 2nd or 3rd year then we will be recommended you that to follow this book otherwise go with TestUrSelf Digital Study Materials for Engineering Mathematics. Because it will included 100+ Quality Solved examples and also you will get 10+ Online Assignment as mentioned below:

Details of the TestUrSelf Study Materials for Engineering Mathematics:

Lecture Name Number of Online Assignment
TeachUrSelf Linear Algebra 2
TeachUrSelf Calculus 1
TeachUrSelf Vector Calculus 2
TeachUrSelf Differential Equations 2
TeachUrSelf Complex Variable 1
TeachUrSelf Probability & Statistics 2
TeachUrSelf Numerical Methods 2

NoteThe Study Materials for Engineering Mathematics is Live Now.

Take a look at the topic-wise strategy to prepare for engineering mathematics in GATE 2020 Exam.

Linear Algebra (For all Streams): very Important 

While preparing for Linear Algebra, the focus must be on Eigenvalue and Eigen Vectors Problems and also the Matrix Algebra as almost every-time there will be a question from either of these two topics. One must also remember the properties of eigenvalues like the relation between eigenvalues of two matrices which are inverse of each other and other similar properties.

Calculus (For all Streams):

This topic has been divided into 3 categories:

  • Differential Calculus: It involves basic concepts of Limits, Derivative and application of derivatives such as Increasing, Decreasing function and Maxima and Minima problems.
  • Integral Calculus: It involves indefinite and definite integral and the properties of definite integrals. Also, you need to be very well versed with the concepts of multiple integrals like Double and Triple Integral and also Line, Surface and Volume Integrals.
  • Vector Calculus (very important topic): It involves Gradient, Divergence and Curl and Vector Integral Theorems (Green’s, Gauss’s and Stokes Theorem) and there are lot many properties of each concept and you must remember all those to solve the problems faster like divergence of curl is always zero, believe me, that these properties do come in handy in the exam.

Differential Equations (For all Streams):

  • Finding the solution of differential equations are extremely important. Focusing on higher order differential equations is a must along with first order equations. Bernoulli’s Equation and Euler Differential Equation should also be paid attention to.
  • Also, in the latest years questions based on the existence of solution and uniqueness theorem have been seen so they also need to be prepared.

Probability and Statistics (For all Streams): Very Important 

  • The general problems involving Probability can be prepped up by practice and there is no need to study much about them but you can always remember Baye’s Theorem, more focus should be on Random Variables like Poisson’s Distribution and other distributions. Statistics is also very important and you must remember to mean, median and mode concepts as well as coefficient of co-relation, so do make short notes for each of these concepts.

Complex Variables (Excluding MT & CS):

  • It is the smallest topic among all topics from Engineering Mathematics and the only important concepts are Cauchy-Riemann Equations for Analytic Functions and Residue Method of Integration and rest of the topics are not necessary for GATE.

Numerical Methods (Excluding CS): very Important 

  • Two things are important in this section one is the equation solving by methods like Newton-Raphson and Bisection Method and other is the Numerical Integration technique by methods like Trapezoidal Rule and Simpson’s rule so do mug up the formulas for each of these methods and make good use of Calculator like you can form equations in the form of answer of the previous step so that recursion becomes faster and more accurate.

Transform Theory (For EE and ME ONLY): 

  • Laplace and inverse Laplace transforms are the topics to be practiced well.


You can see the given below Pi chart for the distribution of questions which are asked in every year.

Some Important tips:

  • Do not try to memorize maths by mugging up the entire textbooks/standard books. You’ll only be wasting time. Remember the formulae and understand the techniques used to solve the questions.
  • Practice previous year numerical after you complete each topic and use virtual calculator while solving them.
  • Revise regularly. Revise the formulae every day. Solve a few questions from the topics.
  • You should take mock tests. You should join a good Online Test Series which will help you in practicing the questions in a simulated environment.
  • Make a Short Notes. It is essential for last moment revision.

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All the best for Ur preparation!

-TestUrSelf Team


How to Study Metallurgical Thermodynamics and Rate Processes effectively

Dear GATE MT aspirants,

Thermodynamics and Rate process section is very important for GATE exam for Metallurgical Engineering. You can see the given below Pi chart for the distribution of questions which are asked in every year.

How to study this section effectively?

Answer: If you want crack GATE with very good rank then you will have to cover this section very effectively. Follow the given below instructions

Metallurgical Thermodynamics: Follow Introduction to Thermodynamics of materials by Gaskell and solve all the given Solved examples. If you will have time then kindly go through the NPTEL lectures by Prof. B.S Murty upto 8 Lectures.

Chemical Kinetics: Follow NCERT Chemistry book of 12th class.

Corrosion: Follow Callister and Practice the Solved examples.

Heat and Mass Transfer: Follow H.S Ray and go through the given Solved examples.

Diffusions: Follow Callister and Practice the Solved examples.

Fluid Mechanics: Follow H.S Ray and go through the given Solved examples.

General Instructions:

  • Prepare short notes while studying it so you can revise them regularly.
  • Practice a lot of problems and for the same join TestUrSelf.
  • Practice previous year papers many times.
  • If you don’t want to follow any books then subscribe our study materials because we cover all topics as par GATE syllabus. And there you will get a lot of questions in form of online assignments.

Announcement: we are launching the study materials for individuals section shortly. For more details, you can drop mail at

Try TestUrSelf & compete with your fellow aspirants and ace RANK below 100.

All the best for Ur preparation!

-TestUrSelf Team