How to tackle pressure in the last 3 months before the GATE Exam?

How to tackle pressure in the last 3 months before the GATE Exam?

Dear GATE aspirants,

Undergoing exam pressure is a very common situation, in fact, every other student goes through it.

Let us help you in beating pressure during the GATE Preparation.

But before that let’s discuss the reasons for this pressure

  • If the Time is Less and the Course is More then you might get under pressure
  • Peer performance pressure
  • Family expectations
  • No revision
  • Poor results
  • Fear of Failure

Now around 20 days of October are gone, then you still have 10 days of Oct + 30 days of Nov + 30 days of Dec + 30 days of Jan which means approx 50% of the total time.

Your rank depends on how effectively you utilize this left out time.

If you self study for 6 hrs/day then you have 600 hours with you. Now, why not give 4 hours/day for course completion and 2 hours/day for revision. In this way you can solve one of the major problems: “Less Time & Vast Syllabus”

Now the second problem is Peer performance pressure, but you must keep in mind every student has a different story and a different starting point.

So your only competition should be You.

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All the best for Ur preparation!

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