Insights from GATE 2024 Metallurgy Topper (AIR-1): Interview Insights

Insights from GATE 2024 Metallurgy Topper (AIR-1): Interview Insights

Get ready to be inspired as we dive into the journey of the top scorer in GATE 2024 Metallurgy. In this exclusive interview, discover the secrets behind their success, straight from the topper’s own words. Whether you’re aiming for the top spot or simply seeking motivation, this interview offers valuable insights and tips for your GATE preparation journey.

GATE 2024 Metallurgy Topper (AIR-1): Hrutidipan Pradhan

Congratulations on achieving AIR – 1 in GATE Metallurgy 2024! What was your reaction when you found out?
Thanks, I had a mixed feeling.First of all I was surprised, I was expecting under 10 rank but not AIR-1. Then I reverified by logging in to the website again. Then after that I became satisfied and happy.
Can you share your educational background and branch of engineering?
I am currently in my final year of my college. I am pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Mineral and metallurgical Engineering from IIT(ISM), Dhanbad.
How long did you prepare for GATE Metallurgy, and what was your study schedule like?
I started preparing seriously in my 3rd year of engineering, so it was approximately a 1 year journey. As I had my semester classes ongoing so I had different plans for weekdays and different plans for weekends. On an average I always tried to give 7 hours daily for GATE preparation.
Looking back, what are some key strategies you used that helped you achieve such a high rank?
One major strategy is to be consistent in your preparation. One should not take long gaps from his preparation as it hampers the momentum of your preparation and it is tough to regain the momentum after a long break.
Did you face any challenges during your preparation? How did you overcome them?
Yes, when I used to give mock tests initially I observed that I was loosing some marks in silly mistakes, I overcame that by noting the mistakes in a separate notebook so that next time the mistakes should not be repeated. This way I improved my accuracy during my mock tests. Also I was a not sure about my syllabus completion, so to find out this I gave a lot of mock tests and practice questions to know which topics are still left behind.
How did you achieve the top rank in GATE Metallurgy 2024?
Repeated exam analysis and accuracy along with confidence during exam helped me to achieve good rank.
What advice would you give to GATE aspirants who are aiming for a top rank?
Just be consistent in preparation stage, do exam analysis properly.Spend at least 2 to 3 hours in analysis the mock test after you attempt them, maintain a separate notebook for the same and try to cover the uncovered topics that you found out during the analysis on that day itself, this will reduce the amount of overburden later.
What role did TestUrSelf play in your GATE preparation?
I had taken the test series and practise question series (PQS) of testurself. The quantity and quality of questions in both of these was very good. The test series and practise questions helped me to find out my weak and strong topics and thus helped me to decide which topic I need to focus more on.
How did you utilize TestUrSelf effectively for GATE Metallurgy preparation?
I tried to solve every question on practise set and every mock test from the test series. The more I solved questions the more I got to know new strategies that I can implement on the exam day. The inbuilt analysis section feature also helped to save a lot of time during my mock test analysis.
Can you share any specific features of TestUrSelf that were particularly beneficial for GATE Metallurgy preparation?
The questions given here are very relevant for metallurgy students as this will also be helpful to cover a lot of concepts through the questions. Students will also get to know many new formulas which they can note down in their notebooks.
How did you stay motivated and disciplined throughout your GATE preparation journey?
Stay humble, do not show anyone that you are preparing for GATE exam except your parents. This will reduce the extra stress of burden about others opinion and also consume Spiritual content and spiritual songs, this will elevate your consciousness during preparation stage and you will be more disciplined.Lastly do your best and leave the results to God. And again be consistent.
Did the TestUrSelf meet your expectation?

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