Posted on: 29-03-2022

How to start Preparations for GATE Exam?

Here are fruitful tips to start Ur preparations for GATE Exam!! Set Ur goals: Before starting preparations make sure you know why you want to do it. Keep Ur goals clear as this will be Ur driving force all through the preparation phase. After setting Ur goals, if you really feel like you want to give the exam, go ahead with Ur preparation. If you are still confused contact with Ur seniors/teachers/professors to understand things better. Go through the syllabus: Having set Ur goals, you n...

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Posted on: 24-07-2020

Which institute is going to conduct GATE 2021? Will the GATE 2021 be easy this time?

GATE Exam is mainly conducted by a GATE committee associated with MHRD, there is also an organising institute - 7 oldest IITs and IISc in a repeating manner. Here is the list of organising institute:   Institute Year IIT Delhi 2020 IIT Madras 2019 IIT Guwahati 2018 IIT Roorkee 2017 IISc Bangalore 2016 IIT Kanpur 2015 IIT Kharagpur 2014 IIT Bombay 2013 IIT Delhi 2012 IIT Madras 2011 IIT Guwahati 2010 IIT Roo...

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Posted on: 05-06-2020

Speed vs Accuracy | What is more Important? | GATE Exam 2021

Hello Aspirants, In my opinion, one of the biggest challenges that one faces during the preparation of any entrance examination is to decide whether to focus more on speed or accuracy and how to achieve an optimal balance of both. Due to this many students are not able to perform to their caliber in the exam, so the question becomes how to get around this problem. In Earlier GATE exams the balance was tilted more in the favor of speed but now due to the inclusion of Numerical Type Quest...

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Posted on: 01-06-2020

How Education Can Lift People from Poverty ?

“Education is not a way to escape poverty; it is a way of Fighting it”. The power of education is irrefutable across the world, both socially and personally, in both developing and developed countries. In fact, Education can be denoted as the only pathway to human development. It is believed that ensuring quality education for all is not only essential to accomplish the set developmental Goals but is equally indispensable to end the extreme poverty. Education can certainly be the ca...

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Posted on: 27-05-2020

How to Study for the Exams- A Fruitful Technique!

For many of students, exams can be stressful. Today, we introduce you to a novel time management technique called the Pomodoro Technique. Managing time is one of the biggest problems while preparing for exams. And this technique is an effective strategy to deal with this issue. What is the Pomodoro Technique? Author and time management expert Francesco Cirillo invented the Pomodoro Technique in the early 90s. He named the technique “Pomodoro” after his tomato-shaped timer. The technique ...

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Posted on: 09-04-2020

TestUrSelf GATE 2020 Topper’s Interview Jaya Gupta (AIR 1 MT)

GATE is the biggest exam for every Metallurgical Engineer who is among to secure a job in government PSU such as IOCL, BIS, NALCO, SAIL, BARC, BEMRC or pursue higher studies in the most prestigious institutes such as IISc, IITs, NITs etc. Every year over 3.5 thousands candidates appear for the GATE exam and strive to fulfil their dreams. This year GATE 2020 was conducted on 1st Feb and the final results was declared on 13th March in which Jaya Gupta achieved AIR 1 in GATE 2020 Metallurgical Engi...

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Posted on: 31-03-2020

How to Secure AIR 1 in GATE Exam 2021?

Dear aspirants, Hope that your preparation is going good. Here we are going to put all possible points so that they can help you in preparation. Every year, 3–4 thousands of engineering aspirants compete for GATE exam, therefore, it becomes very important for candidates to start their preparation early to stay ahead in the race. Steps to Crack GATE Exam Make a Study Schedule to Track Your GATE Preparation and stick to that till the exam. Find Your Strengths and Weakness to Boost G...

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