GATE 2024 Test Papers & Syllabus

GATE 2024 will be conducted for 30 test papers. The following table shows the list of papers with codes. Please click the Paper/Code to download the syllabus.

A candidate is allowed to appear either in ONE or UP TO TWO test papers. Please see the page Two-Paper Combination for more details.

The test papers will be in English. Each GATE 2024 paper is for a total of 100 marks, General Aptitude (GA) is common for all papers (15 marks), and the rest of the paper covers the respective test paper syllabus (85 marks). Click here for detailed pattern of the question papers.

XE Paper Sections Code XH Paper Sections Code XL Paper Sections Code
Engineering Mathematics
(15 marks)
A Reasoning and Comprehension
(25 marks)
B1 Chemistry
(25 marks)
Any TWO optional Sections Any ONE optional Section Any TWO optional Sections
(2×35 = 70 marks) (60 marks) (2×30 = 60 marks)
Fluid Mechanics B Economics C1 Biochemistry Q
Materials Science C English C2 Botany R
Solid Mechanics D Linguistics C3 Microbiology S
Thermodynamics E Philosophy C4 Zoology T
Polymer Science and Engineering F Psychology C5 Food Technology U
Food Technology G Sociology C6
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences H