GATE Virtual Calculator 2025

Mastering the GATE Virtual Calculator for 2025: A Simple Guide

The GATE exam in 2025, organized by IIT Roorkee, is approaching fast. Complex math is a big part of GATE subjects, but bringing your own calculator isn’t allowed. Instead, a virtual calculator will be provided on the exam screen. It might seem tricky at first, but practicing beforehand is key. Here’s a straightforward guide on how to use it effectively.

1. Understanding the Interface: The virtual calculator looks different from a regular one. Familiarize yourself with its layout and buttons before the exam.

2. Downloading the Calculator: You can download the GATE virtual calculator to practice with during your preparation. This helps you get comfortable with its functions.

3. Practicing Basic Functions: Start by practicing basic math operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. This builds your confidence and speed.

4. Exploring Advanced Functions: GATE questions often involve complex functions. Practice using the virtual calculator for trigonometry, logarithms, and other advanced operations.

5. Shortcut Keys: Learn shortcut keys to speed up your calculations during the exam. This can save precious time and improve your efficiency.

6. Mock Tests: Incorporate the virtual calculator into your mock tests. Simulating exam conditions helps you get accustomed to using it under pressure.

7. Seeking Help: Don’t hesitate to seek help if you’re struggling with any function or operation on the virtual calculator. Practice makes perfect.

Remember, mastering the virtual calculator is an essential part of GATE preparation. With practice and familiarity, you can confidently tackle the math-heavy sections of the exam.

Features of the GATE Virtual Calculator

Here are some key features of the GATE virtual calculator for candidates to understand:

1. Provided by GATE Authorities: The GATE virtual calculator is provided to candidates appearing for the GATE exam.

2. Layout: Simple number keys are on the right side, while scientific and complex operation keys are on the left side.

3. No SHIFT or INV keys: Inverse functions have separate keys below their respective functions, like Sin Inverse below sin.

4. Trigonometric and Hyperbolic Functions: Grouped together for convenience.

5. Two Display Boxes: One displays the typed equation, while the other shows the calculated answers.

How to Download the GATE Virtual Calculator?

You can practice using the GATE virtual calculator in two simple ways:

  1. Download: Go to the Play Store or App Store and search for the GATE virtual calculator to download it.
  2. Online Access: TCS offers an online version of the virtual calculator. You can access it using this link: TCS Online Virtual Calculator.

How to Use the GATE Virtual Calculator?

Using the GATE virtual calculator for the first time during the exam can be tricky and time-consuming due to its complex functions. Below, you’ll find a guide on performing various functions with examples and important key information for your reference.

Calculations  Examples 
Simple Arithmetic Calculations To evaluate: 40 + 55 x 3

Enter: 40, +, 55, *, 3, =

To evaluate: 70 x 65-3

Enter: 70, *, 65, -, 3, =

Evaluate Function ( Value ) To evaluate: log(40) x 5 – 8

Enter: 40, log,*, 5, -, 8, =

To evaluate 25 × log2(30) + 60

Enter: 25, *, 30, log2x , +, 60, =

To evaluate 34 × ln(20) + 50

Enter: 34, *, 20, ln, +, 50, =

Sin(degree), cos (degree), tan (degree) Calculation To evaluate sin(35) or cos(35) or tan(35)

Enter: 35, sin or 35, cos or 35, tan

tan (35) x 5 + 3 calculation To evaluate: tan(35) x 5 + 3

Enter: 35, tan, *, 5, +, 3, =

Yroot () value calculation To evaluate 6th root of 12

Enter: 12, y√x, 6, =

Cube root() value To evaluate cube root(3)

Enter: 3,3√

Cube value() To Evaluate 2 × 53

Enter: 2, *, 5, x3, =

Square root value() To Evaluate 5 * √24

Enter 5, *, 24, √ =

π value To Evaluate 8 π (same as 8 × π)

Enter: 8, *, π,=

Factorial (n!) To evaluate: factorial(5)*7-2

Enter: 5, nỊ, *, 7, -, 2, =

exponential (ex ) To evaluate: e0

Enter: 0, ex

10x value To evaluate: 23 × 105

Enter 23, *, 5, 10x, =

GATE Virtual Calculator 2025: Important Keys

Efficient calculation relies on utilizing important keys within the GATE virtual calculator. Here’s a rundown of these keys:

– ‘C’: Clears all inputs.
– ‘←’: Acts as a backspace, deleting the last entered digit.
– ‘MC’: Clears the memory.
– ‘MS’: Stores a number in memory.
– ‘MR’: Retrieves a number from memory.
– ‘M+’: Adds the displayed number to memory.
– ‘M-‘: Subtracts the displayed number from memory and stores the result.

GATE Virtual Calculator: Tips and Tricks

Effective time management during the exam is crucial, especially for arithmetic functions. To optimize your performance with the GATE virtual calculator, consider these tips:

– Begin practicing calculations on the virtual calculator early in your preparation to improve your speed.

– Always press the ‘C’ key before starting a new calculation to avoid errors.

– Familiarize yourself with predefined functions, inverses, logarithms, etc.

– Use brackets effectively when dealing with complex equations to prevent mistakes.

– Utilize important keys like memory functions to save time rather than retyping calculations.

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