How to Prepare?

How to Prepare for GATE exam?
GATE examination consists only of multiple and numerical answer type questions, hence only correct answer fetches marks.
Make a short plan for study likely week wise and follow them strictly.
Make short notes while doing the study so you can revise them regularly.
Practice previous year question papers and analyze the weak topics and concentrate more on those topics. Candidates must try to solve the papers in a given time limit to obtain an idea as to how many questions are solved within the allotted time.
Impart equal emphasis on both theory and numerical problems.
Browse through the GATE syllabus for topics allotted more weightage and prepare them.
Group Study is an effective way to brush up knowledge about technical topics with fellow partners and also helps to explore new techniques and methods to better understand the topics.
Do not make wild guess as there is negative marking associated with the questions.
Prepare the list of important definitions, equations, derivations, theorems, laws in every subject.
Pay more attention while attempting linked and common data questions.
Don’t forget to study Engineering mathematics and General Aptitude sections because of you can score up to 30 marks from these sections.
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